Pool before/after care instructions & disclaimers.

Your pool tile/surfaces/hardscapes will be professionally cleaned with low air pressure and a onsite selected blast media that will not damage the surfaces to be cleaned by our highly trained craftsmen. We want to insure you have the best experience and anticipate that you will by following these instructions.


With our highly trained craftsmen 99% of the time glass beads will remove your calcium with no damage to the pool tile glaze/other surfaces and or grout. We will perform a small test spot and I f we see that your calcium is thick and or the glass beads are going to damage your pool tile we can offer to switch are blast media over to a mineral blast to insure no damage to your pool tile glaze/other surfaces for $1.00 more per linear foot. Surfaces that absolutely need mineral blast include but not limited too are glass tile, porcelain tile, hand painted tile, granite, marble, black tile. Following surfaces that we can also first test with glass beads are but not limited to medium blue to dark blue pool tile and heavily calcified tile. Not sure what your waterline surface is? Send us a few pictures. First a close up of the worst area and a shot of the whole pool. Email info@pooltilecleaning.com


We usually provide a 2-4 hour window of our approximate arrival time. Please understand that sometimes we may arrive a little earlier or later than our scheduled time. Most of the time we will provide a phone call either way. Please be sure to provide us with all available numbers so that we may reach you to let you know.


Please make sure your gates are unlocked. If you must keep your property locked please give us instructions on how to make entry into your backyard. If you live in a gated community or have a gate code please inform us of entry instructions and or codes. If your residence has difficult access issues please let us know in advance. If your house is having other work done outside your home the same day as our service please let us know. PLEASE secure all pets as we will not be responsible if your pet(s) escape while we enter and or exit from your gate. Please move all trash cans or any other items from path of your side yard to your pool. We need at least 3 feet width clearance for our equipment. Make sure your pool deck is dry before our arrival. If your sprinklers overspray and come into contact with your pool area please shut them off so that the water from sprinklers will not get the

deck wet before our arrival and or affect the sealer after we apply to your surfaces. 24 hours after cleaning sprinklers may be turned back on. Our process at times may be dusty especially mineral blast. Please close all windows on all three back sides of your residence. Also cover any items around the pool area and or remove cushions to avoid dust . We will blow everything down and always to try to ensure a perfect cleanup.


You may notice some of our material in small amounts that has settled to the bottom of your pool or spa. It is ok for your pool sweep or pool service to vacuum up small amounts that may be left over. This will not affect your pump or filter. If your water is cloudy it will clear up usually within one day. Also you may notice some material on your deck or surrounding plants or grass. Please understand that we always try to do best clean up possible but sometimes there is some residual material left over. This will blow/wash away usually within a week. Residual material in your grass and or plants will dissipate into the soil once the sprinklers turn on. Are cleaning materials are chemical free and will not harm grass, plants or animals. Also some of our sealer may accumulate on surface of your pool water in small amounts. We will try to skim most off of it out and the remnants will subside within a couple days or as soon as you restart your pool equipment. It is safe and non toxic.


Your pool and or spa water will be lowered usually six inches to a foot below the tile line so that we may access the calcium buildup. Please refill 24 hours after our service to allow sealer to set up.


If your pool is being resurfaced please disregard this instruction.


If your pool has an auto fill we usually have left it on unless you or your pool service has instructed us to shut it off and or will be left off if it's off when we arrive . The autofill water will usually take 24 hours before it reaches the tile line where the sealer was applied thus not affecting sealer.


If rain is expected the day of your cleaning we may need to reschedule your cleaning. Even though it may be clear in the morning if it rains later it may cause a problem with our tile sealer. Please understand that we may not always be able to reschedule the next day.


Concerned about the drought and water waste? Does your city have you on a water restriction? No need to cancel your cleaning. Precision Pool Tile Cleaning is the only pool tile cleaning company in California with a 4000 gallon water bladder to save your pool water and return it just to the bottom of your pool tile/surface after our process. This is an additional separate charge of $200. YOU MUST REQUEST WITHIN 1 WEEK OF YOUR SCHEDULED START DATE.


Because we lowered your water we have made sure to turn off your pool equipment. Depending on your pool equipment type most commonly we place your system into "Service" mode. Sometimes we may turn off your breakers on the pool equipment panel. Last if you have a time clock system we have removed the "On" togs and placed them on top of or inside the timer box. Please be sure you or your pool service professional restore your equipment back to original settings after you have refilled your pool and water is flowing into the skimmer after your 24 hour set up time of our sealer.


Although we always try to make sure the pool tile grout is cleaned we cannot guarantee that the grout will turn out perfect because grout is porous and may be stained further into the grout rather than just the surface. Some calcium does not always remove from the grout. Artificial surfaces may lighten and some paint may be removed during our cleaning. If it is not to your satisfaction after the cleaning we can recommend a professional company that can touch up the surfaces for a fee.

If you have or ever had a pool chlorine floater that floats freely around your pool your steps into the pool/spa may be compromised and possibly chip or crack before or after our service. This is a predisposed condition and we cannot be held responsible. Also we will not be responsible for weak or delaminating plaster that chips at any time during or after our service. We utilize low air pressure during our cleaning so if tiles or grout come loose or fall off during or after our cleaning this was also a predisposed condition and we cannot be held responsible. We have a professional repair technician that can repair loose tiles for a fee.


Your pool service commonly maintains your pool once a week. That's not always enough to keep the calcium from returning. Stay vigilant. Calcium is inevitable and must be addressed as soon as it appears. If left untreated you and or your pool service will not be able to remove it yourself. Calcium may reappear on your tiles at any given time after our service and have nothing to do with the timing of our service. This will constantly remain a maintenance issue and we have no control of what happens to your surfaces after your tile cleaning is completed. Important factors to consider are last time your pool water was completely emptied and refilled? Has your pool water been reconditioned by a professional reverse osmosis company? What are your pool TDS levels (Total Dissolved Solids) and calcium hardness? Cracked grout issues that leak water on to the tile causing buildup in one or

several areas. Raised bon beams not touching pool water that may have moisture behind the bon beam bleeding through to the front of the tile/surfaces.


Precision Pool Tile Cleaning now offers a cleaning solution that works better than any other product you can buy online or in store. Precision Grout and Tile Cleaner can be purchased the day of your cleaning for only $35.00. PLEASE REQUEST IN ADVANCE BEFORE WE ARRIVE. If calcium reappears after a month and you request our product and assistance the cost will be $65.00 (Fuel,travel and instruction)


If you must cancel your cleaning please call or email us within 12 hours of your scheduled time of arrival to avoid a $75.00 cancellation fee. If we arrive at your residence and cannot make entry or other work is being done at your residence that prevents us from performing our service there will be a $75.00 trip charge.

Our absolute goal is for you to have a professional experience with our company and your cleaning. Please let us know if we met your expectations or how we may improve your experience with our company. Thank you in advance for the opportunity to impress you with our work.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.
Precision Pool Tile Cleaning